VR system and price comparison

The dawn of the new VR generation is upon us, and it’s a time for excitement, anticipation, imagination, and… confusion. Unless you bury yourself in daily tech news, or are a video game enthusiast, you could be forgiven for not knowing which VR system you should be focusing your attention on. Cheer up grumpy, here’s a little guide. Continue reading “VR system and price comparison”

What is SEO?

Short answer

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a collection of processes with the intent of improving the position a website ranks in search engines, such as Google or Bing, for specified sets of phrases or words. The structure, content, navigation, quality, social sharing, and more, all go toward improving the search position of a web page or site, and are included as areas for improvement in any successful SEO plan.

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What is a RAW file, and should I use RAW?

Short Answer

A RAW file is the common name for any camera file that contains un-processed data from the camera sensor.

A RAW file contains much more colour and light information than a JPG, so is more suited to photographers who prefer to edit and process their photos before saving them to a standard file format like JPG or TIF.
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What is vector artwork?

Short answer

Vector artwork is a graphic file constructed from ‘paths’ that can be enlarged to any size while maintaining sharp edges and lines.

Longer answer

Unlike pixel-based image files such as JPEG, vector artwork uses ‘paths’ and ‘fills’ to form shapes, lines and fonts. These paths can be filled with solid colours or gradients. Usually, vector artwork is simplistic – like a logo or text – but intricate artwork can also be created with time and skill. Continue reading “What is vector artwork?”

iPhone 5 vs Olympus OM-D

I thought I’d take a shot on my iPhone 5 and Olympus OM-D of the same scene, just to see how the two compare image quality wise. For a fair comparison I used the JPEG file setting on the Olympus, so what you see is straight out of the camera after built-in processing, just like with the iPhone. Usually I save RAW files on the Olympus and make my own processing decisions in post editing, but it would be too easy to create a superior picture that way.

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Official social network logos

You’d think it would be easy to find the official vector files of the top social networks. Not exactly. In some cases they are hidden away deep in press areas of the network websites, and there are so many user created logos popping up in searches that finding the real deal can be quite frustrating.

So I’m doing the hard work and tracking down the official social network vector logos and icon pages and putting them right here. Unfortunately, some companies like Flickr require an application for branding collateral, so no direct links exist, but as unofficial versions are plentiful, I won’t list them here. There are also a few networks that only supply high resolution PNG files, so I’ve listed them last.

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